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My ListApplication Description - Uses 29kb of Palm RAM

I took the best features I liked in CryptInfo AND in ListDB and put them together in this small and simple database listmaker.

Includes quick drop down lists like CryptInfo and the ability to pre-define fields like ListDB. Oh and a checkbox function in case you want to use it like HandyShop.

Has a datestamp field and an area for notes and memos. Also allows you add and sort by categories but it wont check your e-mail or balance your checkbook.

How to Use...

Options >

Categories: Use Categories just like any Palm application to categorize your lists (i.e. business, personal, etc...)

Drop Downs: Edit Drop Downs to Pre-Enter any commonly used fields in your lists (i.e. Username, Password or Book Title, Author)

Using the Program >

Create a New Entry and enter a Title for it. This will show in the list. The date field and checkmark box will also show in all lists.

The checkbox is for whatever you want to define it for (i.e. To Do complete). The Time field can also be used for whatever (start time, finish time, etc...)

The first 3 fields in an entry have Drop Downs which you can Pre-Define in Options and then enter a value for these Drop Downs next to them.

Finally there is a few lines for your own memo or notes.
That's Pretty much it, a simple List Database Program.

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