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Marion Community Development Organization
P.O. Box 65
Maria Stein, Ohio 45860-0065
Phone: 419-925-7100
Fax: 419-925-5911
The MCDO office is located within the former Gast Building at 49 West Franklin Street (State Route 274), east of the Post Office in Chickasaw.
MCDO meetings are normally held the third Wednesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. at the Marion Township building at 2031 Clune Stucke Road, north of State Route 119, in St. Rose. Reminders are printed in the church bulletins and town news.
The Marion Community Development Organization is an organization under the laws of the State of Ohio, not-for-profit. The mission of the organization shall be to act as a coordinating body to assist local organizations meet the changing needs of the Marion Community through planned development while maintaining its agricultural profile. The activities will be directed toward but not limited to development of infrastructure, housing, family care, education, small business, recreation and agriculture.
COORDINATOR: Position is open at this time.
Office Manager: Linda Arling
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